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Robo started Urban Delights in 1997 to combine his talents in one shop.

He is a Tattoo artist, painter, musician, producer, bicyclemessenger, songwriter, composer.

Pisces, born in 1964, Robo takes on every creative challenge
life has to offer and goes for it. When he was eight years old he
started drumming with chopsticks on pillows watching
top of the pops on television.
At ten he took on drumlessons and when he was twelve, guitar lessons.
At fourteen he was busking the centre of Rotterdam with
Bob Dylan songs making some pocketmoney.
When Robo became sixteen he left school
and started at a dance club.

Meanwhile Robo played in bands like:
Armageddon,Tsjobba Connection, Moskiet,
Blazing Image, Colt 45, De Heren Mazou etc etc.
At 25 he started painting influenced by Yohfra, Dali and Willink.
For ten years he painted and had exhibitions of his paintings.
He travelled the world and in Thailand he learned the art of Tattooing.
When he came back in Rotterdam he started his shop and now he is
tattooing, producing, composing, painting, and lots of other stuff at..

Urban Delights..